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Rooms with air, tv, fridge, wi-fi and parking 200 meters from Praia de Iracema.

The Coastline

With 573 km of extension, Ceará is divided, from Fortaleza, in the Sunrise Coast (east coast) and the Costa del Sol West (west coast). Learn a little more these havens:


Stunning beaches, colored sand cliffs, mangroves, cities of historical interest and varied handicrafts are some attractive Coast Rising Sun.

The tour begins at the east coast in Porto das Dunas, in the municipality of Aquiraz, the first capital of the state. There is the Beach Park, which houses the largest water park in Latin America, the Aqua Park. After Porto das Dunas are Prainha, Presidio, Iguape and Clay Black, white dunes and beaches with coconut palms. Further along the beach is quiet Bung, followed beaches Caponga and Águas Belas, filled with vacation homes.

beachpark-vista-acquashow - Cópia

Beach Park - Porto das Dunas

Beberibe houses two of the most beautiful beaches of Ceará: Morro Branco and Praia das Fontes, internationally known from participation in novels and movies. The destination is ideal for dune buggy rides and to discern cliffs of colored sand.

Depth of Maceió is the beach next to the Atlantic single municipality Fortim. The other rivers are formed by rivers and Jaguaribe Pirangi. The catamaran ride through Rio Jaguaribe is a nice opçção who is known for beaches Fortim.

In Aracati historic Canoa Quebrada is international, one of the most popular beaches on the east coast. The beach exudes magic and attracts tourists worldwide. The place has good receptive structure, small hotels, hostels and tents to the seaside.

canoa-quebrada-1 cópia

Canoa Quebrada - Aracati

Next is Majorlândia beach, lively carnivals and regattas for. Icapuí is the last town before the border with Ceará state of Rio Grande do Norte. Beaches with uncommon beauty and distinctive features natives and visitors welcome. The most frequented are Redonda, Ponta Grossa and Tremenbés. The biggest attraction is the gigantic rock formations on the beaches of Redonda and Ponta Grossa.



A sea of ​​dunes up to 30 meters high. So it can be described the West coast of Ceará, which goes to the border with the state of Piauí, which still has interdune ponds, clean sea, suitable for swimming, water sports and fishing there. only 37 km from the capital, doCumbuco the beach, in the city of Caucaia has coconut trees by the sea and lagoons that are born among the dunes. With good tourist infrastructure, it is the right program for ultralight rides, buggy, ATV and rafts.



Cumbuco's beach - Caucaia

Preferred for water sports and intense movement during Carnival, Paracuru is the only city besides the capital, the urban area with the sea. Those seeking tranquility should visit the beaches and the Whale Fleixeiras, populated by fishermen colonies, with rustic scenery and quiet.

 mundau ceara

Mundaú's beach - Trairí

Jericoacoara or Jeri (for friends) is one of the ten most beautiful beaches in the world, is the stunning natural beauty of the seaside vegetation and rock formations. The trip is an unforgettable adventure. After three hundred kilometers of road, the surprise of miles of dunes in buggies or trucks. It is an ecological area that today has preserved inns with excellent infrastructure, fully prepared for receiving tourists. Its larger the symbol "Holed Stone".


Jericoacoara - Jijoca de Jericoacoara


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