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Rooms with air, tv, fridge, wi-fi and parking 200 meters from Praia de Iracema.

Fortaleza - The state capital

Fortaleza has over 2 million and 400 thousand inhabitants. It is the fifth capital of the country in terms of population. The figures show the size of the liability that is managing a city like Fortaleza and demonstrates the great interest of Brazilians and foreigners who choose the good atmosphere of our city and the company of our people in defining their homes.

Our people comprises the entire state of Ceará and people from everywhere who come to compose a set of friendly people, hardworking and humorous.


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The story of Fortaleza is probably older, we may say so, that the very discovery of Brazil, on April 22, 1500. Historians of Brazil, Spain and Portugal still held heated debates over who had come first to the Brazilian coast, the Portuguese navigator Pedro Alvares Cabral in Bahia, or the Spaniard Vicente Yañez Pinzón, who would have been here, on January 26 or February 2 1500, in Ponta Mucuripe.



The natural beauty of our beaches and proximity to the cold climate of the mountains near the capital of Ceará, as Maranguape, Baturité and Guaramiranga, are among the highlights that attract large groups to our city. On the beaches, warm water and the sun almost all year round, are good reasons to holiday seasons or visit. Lull in some places, winds and waves divide in other bathers, surfers and water sports in general.



Allied is the nature of Ceará cuisine, another highlight. Fish stew, crab and traditional baião two are among the delicacies. Hailing from the state are the cooked mutton, the meat of the sun, panful, oxtail and over a dozen strong and delicious dishes.



The talent of our humorists, revealed nationally, also moves the city almost every day of the week. Shows take place in tents beaches, restaurants and theaters in the city.



Forró, rhythm known for sensuality and joy that passes, new readings wins here. From Monday to Friday, you can dance forró in Fortaleza. And who does not know not to worry, there's always a (a) partner (a) gentle to teach the first steps.



Fortaleza has a very active and diversified trade, which in no way is due to the higher centers of the country. Besides the trade center, has 5 large shopping centers that cater to consumers of its major neighborhoods. Its industrial production is primarily focused in the areas of clothing and footwear, artifacts, fabrics, leathers and skins - food, extraction and processing of non-metallic minerals and textiles.

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