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A state of beauties

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The sky opened, the strong embrace and balance light coconut straws make the reception: welcome to the land of joy. In Fortaleza, happiness is stamped on the beaches, streets and in the smiles of the people. The capital has gentle breezes, sea water clean, and the average temperature of 27 º C ensures fun from Monday to Monday. On the West coast, the visitor is faced with the splendor of Jericoacoara, one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. And on the East coast, the legendary beach of Canoa Quebrada surprised by its magnitude. In the south, the landscape changes.

The Cariri has a mild climate, lush with flora and fauna. That's where Juazeiro, founded by Padre Cicero history. In Ceará, the trick is to enjoy every second, bringing joy as inseparable traveling companion.


Pole Fortaleza

With dunes and sea blue-green, Fortaleza is the capital of Brazil that offers more hours of sunshine each year. The city is also famous for its excellent infrastructure. The hotel chain is among the most modern in the country. The Pinto Martins International Airport connects Fortaleza with major cities of Brazil and the world. Another highlight is the wide choice of restaurants, with a wide cuisine, typical dishes and fruits-the-sea. During the day, the tip is to enjoy the beaches of the Future, Cumbuco, Porto das Dunas and enjoy the waterfront in Beach Park, the largest water park in Latin America. Must also enjoy crafts, a genuine popular demonstration.
At night, visitors stirs with forró, nightclubs, bars, theaters and comedy shows. Have fun every day of the week.

Pole Canoa

Moon and star, sun and night, hustle and refuge. Canoa Quebrada, a former fishing village, won tourist infrastructure, but preserves its rustic charm. The cliffs are the business card of the beach, while the bars and restaurants offer an extensive menu of exotic to the sophisticated.
The craftsmanship of the "shops" with its beautiful works of art, also deserves to be appreciated. Take the opportunity to experience the beauty of nearby places such as Praia das Fontes, Redonda Beach, Morro Branco; cultural heritage of Aracati and stroll through Rio Jaguaribe. But save energy, because on the night of Canoa sounds and cultures come together to celebrate life. Life is more beautiful than when you're in the comfort of Canoa.

Pole Cariri

A place of rare beauty and also of great faith. Juazeiro is a major religious pilgrimage centers of the country. The city is known for its churches, museums and the imposing statue of Padre Cicero Romao Batista. At the same time, the region of Crato, Barbalha, Nova Olinda and Santana do Cariri scenario is perfect for ecotourism, with unique flora and fauna, spas, caves and waterfalls. The place is ideal for hiking, walking, cycling and extreme sports. The Cariri, jammed in the Araripe, is the largest block of fossiliferous Cretaceous world, while the old mills and mansions hold an important piece of the history of Ceará. Cradle of northeastern culture, is a destination Cariri the plural. A mixture of customs, legends, beauty, beliefs and tastes.

Pole Jericoacoara

Nature has been generous with Jericoacoara. Such beauty is the Environmental Protection Area since 1984. Contemplate the sunset, sunset over the dunes and visit the Holed Stone are unforgettable experiences. The visitor can also browse the 56km that separate Jeri Camocim admiring the breathtaking scenery and idyllic. In the neighborhood are other special places: the beach Pond, and Flecheiras Mundaú, with its white sands and beautiful palm trees. Jeri also offers a night full of fun, with their distinctive features: charming bars and restaurants with a rich cuisine and, for dessert, a delicious banana cream pie. Forro In The Street atmosphere is only for those who like excitement. A traditional bakery that only opens during the night, is an attraction in itself.

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